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CyberCorp Newsletter 3/2020
« on: March 01, 2020, 10:31:45 AM »
Welcome to CyberCorp!

CyberCorp is a wonderful group of Gamers. We span across the globe, we have gamers of every type, of every platform, and we all enjoy the company of other gamers.

The Backbone of CyberCorp is the Stream Team. We are an awesome team with over 1000 members. While most of our Stream Team is on Twitch, we also have streamers on FB, Mixer, YouTube, and even Omlet. Our Streamers stream a variety of games over every genre, every main platform, and we even are home to some unique niches as well, from arts, crafts, pet viewing, to many more.

If you head on over to the Discord, you will find the main hub of our Gaming Community. We love to talk about just about anything, got some fun bots, and you can even find people to play games with there.

Important News:

Monthly Discord Resets!

We will be doing monthly resets from here on of our Discord's Mee6 levels. We have noticed before now that there have been members who achieved high ranks, and then, having gotten features they wanted, stopped almost all activity. To maximize the most exposure of our most active and helpful members, and to minimize exposure to those who would use our gratitude solely for their own means, with no care of CyberCorp, we are resetting the levels monthly. We hope this will ensure that those with constant activity receive constant exposure, focusing more on the members who deserve more of our focus.

What are Members of the Month? Members of the month are a new feature we are adding, to give maximum exposure to the most active members. Those with the highest ranks each month will become the following month's MotM. They will get butt-loads of awesome stuff, yes, butt-loads, so if you want to be a MotM, make sure to make the most of your time in CyberCorp.

Members of the Month, 3/2020

As this is our first Monthly Reset, so as to be fair to our members, we are using CyberCorp's own account within the discord as an example this month of what MotM can get, which includes:

A short Bio and promotion here in the Newsletter,
A shoutout on our social media pages, as well as our website,
A gratuity announcement within the discord,
A promotional push towards the MotM,
And 50 CCRep.

CyberCorp: [MotM test subject]
This member is an account made by CyberCorp, for CyberCorp, and is used, mainly, for testing purposes. Check us out!

Discord News & Updates!

A lot of those who are coming back to the server after awhile are noticing they are stuck in the Dungeon, as well as newcomers. Do not fret, follow the Directions posted there, and you will re-enter the community channels. Upon doing so, you'll notice that we have been restructuring the server. We hope you will enjoy the new layout, finding it simpler, more efficient, and streamlined for your convenience.

What is CCRep? CCRep, CyberCorp Reputation, is our new way to keep track of who is most helpful, and who is most cooperative. You can get CCRep by being thanked by other members. This is our way of allowing you all to give back to the members who deserve it. Gratefulness is a virtue that always deserves some attention. We are working on more ways for you to receive CCRep, including as a reward for being a MotM. Now this is all dandy, but what does this do for you, you might ask. Aside from being a reputable member of CyberCorp, which is definitely a plus, we are working on ways to allow you to "spend" your reputation for awesome CyberCorp stuff. Stay tuned for more.

We are on the lookout for Discord Moderators, and are currently taking applications within the Discord. If you are interested, the duties, as well as the application process, are posted there, so go check it out. The sooner you apply, the sooner we can review your application, so no time like the present, eh?

Server Boosters!

At this time I would like to extend a special thanks to the individuals that have boosted the CyberCorp Discord this past month.


Website News and Updates!

Welcome to the Clubhouse. We are constantly improving on the website, so don't be surprised to see continued changes throughout the month. Suffice to say, the CyberCorp Clubhouse, our website for all things CyberCorp, is online, and is definitely a website to have bookmarked on your browser. We want to give special thanks to Mr_PacMan for setting it up for us. He has done a marvelous job.

CyberCorp Live on Twitch feature. One of the latest big updates is a web-page where you can see every member of CyberCorp's Stream Team who is Live on Twitch, which updates every 5 minutes. Go to the Promo channel in the discord and type, "!live" to see it or you can find it through our website. This update is Freakin' A as it allows everyone to see who is currently streaming and what, making supporting your favorite CyberCorp streamers and Stream Content so much easier.

When you go live, be sure to add your name here !

Stay tuned for monthly CyberCorp Newsletters brought to you by the CyberCorp Admin Team. If you have any questions/suggestions, contact us in the CyberCorp Discord, we are always happy to listen to you, so don't be afraid to contact us. Every member of CyberCorp is valued and will be heard. On that noteā€¦

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